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Welcome to Syscon Solutions Private Limited

Syscon Solutions Private Limited was incorporated in 1996 as product oriented software development organisation. Right from the inception, the focus of Syscon has been into providing out-of-box Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Syscon had spent over 100 man-years of development effort on its ERP product Syscon Cronus.

Every growing organisation is keen to have a robust ERP system in place. The new generation Entrepreneurs, even while they travel is keen to access their data.

The reasons are On time delivery to Customers, Avoid wasteful Purchase & Stock-outs, Credit control, Vendor evaluation, Close control on Accounts receivables, Purchase & Production Rejections, Consumption, Product costing, Sales Target Vs Actual, Sub Contract stocks and many more..

But organisations are also cautious about the Initial and AMC cost, Complexity, Implementation, Post implementation & long-term Support, Upgrades, of an ERP solution.

Syscon Cronus

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Low cost, high functionality ERP solution for SMEs. Unlike custom-built ERP solutions, the Clients are assured long term support with on-line assistance and regular upgrades.